Help keep independent cinemas part of the Australian way of life

Independent Cinemas Australia (ICA) are calling on the Prime Minister and Treasurer to recognise the ongoing dire impact of the global pandemic on our local independent cinemas and take action to support them through COVID.

“It’s great what the Federal Government has done to support the arts and entertainment community through COVID 19 but the serious financial impact of the global pandemic on independent cinemas has sadly not improved.” Said Adrianne Pecotic CEO of ICA “Today independent cinemas are amongst those industries worse affected like tourism, entertainment and hospitality. Suffering around 70% loss in revenue due to a combination of mandated closures, capacity constraints and continuing loss of film supply these small and family businesses don’t have the resources to weather the ongoing storm and keep the doors open without ongoing support.”

In a series of meetings hosted by ICA at iconic local cinemas in Sydney and around Australia, Federal MPs are being invited to express support for their local cinemas, recognise their unique value in Australian communities and secure critical extension of Jobkeeper measures and financial support.

“Independent cinemas contribute up to 90% of the box office revenue for Australian feature films. They inject $250 million into our economy every year, with $110 million of that going straight into regional Australia. They’re also at the heart of local communities where they provide a social hub for all ages, keeping our main street’s vibrant and supporting local businesses.” said Pecotic

More Australians went to the movies than any other cultural venue or event in 2019 and cinemas have proven to be amongst the safest entertainment options during the pandemic.

They are a valued part of the Australian way of life.

“Independent cinemas provide a critical outlet for our feature film industry and an affordable diversity of films and entertainment for all Australians. ICA calls on the Federal Government to help keep it that way.” said Pecotic “If our local cinemas are lost where will Australians come together to share our stories?”


If you would like to add your voice to support independent cinemas please visit your local indie cinema and/or post on social media channels saying how you value your indie cinema and calling on the Federal Government to support us through COVID. You will find at this link further information and materials for your assistance. Marketing materials to support the campaign can be found here.

ICA is a not-for-profit industry association that develops, supports and represents the interests of independent cinemas and their affiliates across Australia and New Zealand. We represent 172 independent cinemas across 649 screens in Australia.

Independent cinemas are mostly small and family businesses, often multigenerational, located in every state and territory in Australia from single screens in rural areas through to metropolitan multiplex circuits and iconic arthouse cinemas including Hayden Orpheum Picture Palace, Cinema Nova, Randwick Ritz, Lido, Classic, Palace Cinemas, Dendy Cinemas, Grand Cinemas, Ace Cinemas, Luna Cinemas, Cineplex Cinemas, Wallis Cinemas, and Majestic Cinemas.

Over 75 percent of independent cinemas are in regional Australia providing vital social and cultural infrastructure to their local communities.

Many independent cinemas are also in key metro locations. They are among Australia’s most iconic art-house cinemas ensuring high-quality cinema and diversity of choice for film lovers in every major city.

ICA cinemas host more than 27 million visitors a year

They inject some $250 million into our economy every year.

More than $110 million a year goes straight into regional Australia where our cinemas are the heart of the community contributing social engagement, keeping small towns vibrant and sustaining surrounding restaurants, shops, and businesses.

Independent cinemas are critical infrastructure for Australia’s cultural landscape and our local film industry. Despite the dominance of Hollywood movies, more Australian’s see Australian stories at independent cinemas than any other cinema location.

Independent cinemas contribute up to 90 percent of the box office for Australian feature films.

Due to COVID19 Australia’s independent cinemas are currently either closed or trading around 70 percent less than 2019 box office revenue.